Ibrahim Waziri Jr.

Research Engineer | Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity

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All papers are available on Google Scholar


Fall 2017: Marymount University
   Computer Security (IT 530) - [class webpage]

Previous Courses: Various Schools
   Network Security (IT 5434)
   Network Architecture (IT 4335)
   Intro to IT (IT 1130)


Dr. Waziri is a Research Engineer/ISSO in Washington, DC. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity at Marymount University. He was an IT specialist for the Purdue Graduate School, a Cybersecurity Analyst for the U.S International Trade Commission and a Cyber Anti-Fraud Analyst for RSA, The Security Division of EMC working on counteracting Phishing attacks and Malwares analysis. He was also a research assistant on one of the NSF cybersecurity funded research, where he conducted research on Hyper-calls, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Security. His research interests are in Mitigating DDoS attacks, Virtualization, Cloud Security, and Cybersecurity Governance/Policy Development.

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