Cybersecurity Governance & Policy, Virtualization, Network Security and Cloud Security.


Research Engineer

Aug '16 - Present
Washington, DC

IT Specialist

Aug '14 - Aug '16
Purdue Graduate School - West Lafayette, IN

Cyber Security Analyst - Intern

May '15 - Jul '15
US International Trade Commission - Washington, DC

Cyber Anti-Fraud Analyst

Jul '14 - Jan '15
RSA, The Security Division of EMC - West Lafayette, IN

Research/Teaching Assistant

May '13 - May '14
Georgia Southern - Statesboro, GA

IT Specialist/Web Designer

Aug '12 - May '13
Georgia Southern - Statesboro, GA

Skills & Proficiency

Selected computer skills.

OpenStack Cloud Platform - Deployment & Operations
Virtualization & Cloud Services - VMware ESXi, Xen & Hyper-V
Hardware & Software Firewalls - Cisco ASA, PFSense, Vyatta, IPCop & Smoothwall
Network Devices & IDS/IPS Tools - Router, Switch, Servers, SourceFire, SecurityCenter, SecurityOnion
Basic Penetration Testing & Packet Analysis - Kali Linux, Metaspoilt, Wireshark, Nmap etc.
Malware Analysis & Forensics Tools - (IDAPro, TCPDump, ProcessMonitor, DBAN, FTKImager etc.
Cryptography Basics - SSL, VPN, RSA, IPSec, IP tunnelling, Diffie-Helman Key Exchange
HTTP Load Testers/DDoS Implementers - JMeter, ApacheBench, HOIC, LOIC


Selected list of projects, contact me for more details.

- Hypercall Vulnerability Assessment - We deployed Xen Hypervisor and explored the hypercall channel vulnerability using DDoS attack. Dr. Shropshire wrote a paper on it, and I presented the paper at the 2015 IEEE SouthEast Con.
- Securing Cloud Infrastructure Unobstructive Techniques for Detecting Hypervisor Compromise - We deployed the Openstack PaaS Cloud Hypervisor (OpenStack Grizzly with its 7 components) and exploit its vulnerabilities. The project was part of the NSF Grant awarded to Dr. Shropshire. I participated as a Research Assistant - Fall 2013 - Spring 2014.
- Secured Voting System - We implemented a secured voting system that allows only authorized voters to vote. A voter is eligible to cast only one vote. The secured design is achieved using cryptographic blind signature that utilizes RSA protocol.
- War Games & Build Fix - Network Security and Penetration Testing Project. Students are divided into red and blue teams. We used different network devices to build, defend and attack the systems. The network is monitored using the PRTG Network Monitor.

Honor & Service

Selected honor and memberships.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Inducted Dec '13
Georgia Southern


Since Dec '14
IEEE Computer Society

Session Chair

Nov '15
2015 IEEE CSCloud Conference - NYIT, Manhattan, NY

Session Chair

Apr '15
2015 IEEE SouthEast Conference - Fort Lauderdale, FL