Conference Papers & Posters

I Waziri Jr., [2016] "Packet Filter Performance Monitor - (Anti-DDoS Algorithm for Hybrid Topologies)" - Purdue CERIAS (2016)  

I Waziri Jr., [2015] "Website Forgery: Understanding Phishing Attacks and Nontechnical Countermeasures." - 2015 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (CSCloud)  

I Waziri Jr., S Liles, [2015] "Basic Dynamic Processes Analysis of Malware in Hypervisors: Type I and II." - CERIAS Reports and Paper Archive  

I Waziri Jr., J Shropshire, [2015] "A Heuristic Migration Logic Between Firewalls in a Federated Cloud Network." - IEEE SoutheastCon  

I Waziri Jr., R Sitarz, [2015] "Digital Forensics: The Need for An Official Governing Body." - CERIAS Reports and Paper Archive    

I Waziri Jr., [2014] A "Federated Architecture for Heuristics Packet Filtering in Cloud Networks." - Georgia Southern University - Digital Commons (2016)  

I Waziri Jr., T Mirzoev, J Shropshire, [2014] "Comparison of Control And Hardware-Based Filtering Architectures." - International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation  

I Waziri Jr., T Mirzoev, [2013] "No-Filtering and Hardware Based Filtering Architectures in Networks." - Computer Science for the Information Society 4, 35-42  

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